Power Point Controller Example

Note: It is highly recommended to have completed Tutorial Part I before trying this example.

This example is a Java Swing application that starts and navigates through a Microsoft PowerPoint (TM) presentation. The proposed partitioning separates the graphical frontend from the rest of the application. The backend part uses JNI to connect to PowerPoint through COM and as such must run on Windows. The front-end GUI Swing partition can execute from a PDA running Linux, for example.

PPTController_example.jar has all the required files of the example.

1) Run the original centralized application: java ppt.PPT to make sure it works properly.
2) Start J-Orchestra, load PPTController.xml configuration, and perform the partitioning.
(See Tutorial I for detailed instructions).
3) Copy PPTExternalController.dll to the "windows_pc" site.

Now you ready to run the partitioned version of the application:
4) Run the server at ./step4/windows_pc: startServer.bat or startServer.sh
5) Run the client part at ./step4/unix_ipaq:  java remotecapable.ppt.PPT


Last Modified: June 12, 2003