Windows Processes Monitor Example

Note: It is highly recommended to have completed Tutorial Part I before trying this example.

This example is a Java Swing application that is a graphical version of the UNIX top utility for the Windows platform. Its backend part uses JNI to continuously poll Windows about the CPU consumption information. Then the four processes that have the highest CPU consumption are plotted on a graph. The proposed partitioning separates the GUI part from the rest of the application making it possible to monitor the behavior of a Windows-based system remotely, possibly from a non-Windows device.

Monitor.jar has all the required files of the example.

1) Run the original centralized application: java monitor.Monitor
2) Load Monitor.xml configuration and perform the distribution.
(See Tutorial I for detailed instructions).
3) Copy topmonitor.dll to the "windows_pc" site.

Now you ready to run the partitioned version of the application:
4) Run the server at ./step4/windows_pc: startServer.bat or
5) Run the client part at ./step4/unix_ipaq: java remotecapable.monitor.Monitor




Last Modified: June 12, 2003