Selection of recent B.Sc. and M.Sc. Theses

Vrachas: Integration of static analysis results with ProGuard optimizer for Android applications

Triantafyllou: Security Analysis of the Java Library with Mock Objects

Antoniadis: Combining source code metadata and static analysis results via a compiler plug-in

Hadjimichael: Optimizing Dynamic Traces Using Symbolic Execution

Filippakis: Static Dependence Analysis for Java

Ferles: General Declarative Must-Alias Analysis

Psallida: Relational Representation of the LLVM Intermediate Language

Antoniadis: Declarative Points-To Analysis on Different Datalog Engines

Kalogeropoulos: Map-Hash-Repeat: A Cloud Programming Pattern for Iterative Computation

Kollias: Faster Scala Collections with Compile-Time Reflection

Ferles: C+-: A Language for Learning Programming, Based on C and C++

Kastrinis: The Role of Exceptions in Static Program Analysis for Java

Balatsouras: Declarative Whole-Program Escape Analysis for Java